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About Custom Lighting

About Custom Lighting

With over 40 year’s experience, Custom Lighting has earned its reputation as a world class lighting company. Priding itself on exclusive product lines sourced from Europe (primarily Italy and Spain) and America, our comprehensive range encompasses a broad spectrum of styles, offering some of the most innovative, creative and classic lighting products on the market. By bringing together the expert knowledge of interior designers with the technical skills of lighting engineers, great emphasis is placed on the three pillars of the business – Technology, Creativity and Innovation.

The Custom Lighting name is synonymous with quality. The broad range of exclusive fittings along with the limitless custom design potential, separate Custom Lighting from the competition. We aim to be the best through continual growth and adaptation to the needs of our clients. We recognise that the only constant in the lighting industry is change and we continually update our range to reflect this. Renowned for forward thinking, practicality, and impeccable design, the expert team at Custom Lighting have made their mark both nationally and internationally through a diverse scope of projects.


Light is mankind’s single greatest accomplishment. Ever present, ever evolving, we constantly strive for new and efficient ways to light our lives, for without light, life as we know it would not be possible.

Custom Lighting recognises the importance of light and the integral part it plays in our daily lives. It improves our well-being, affects our mood and enables us to achieve and experience more. It is our mission to create light without boundaries, where intelligent and innovative designs coalesce with form and functionality. Lighting should be effortless, seen only when intended to be seen. A light for every purpose and a purpose for every light. It is this passion, engrained in the culture of Custom Lighting that has ensured our success throughout every aspect of the lighting industry. We strive to find the optimum solution for each and every project.


The ever evolving showroom is situated on High Street Armadale, known as one of the most prestigious shopping strips in Melbourne. Exhibiting the largest collection of fashion forward lighting designs, the exclusive Custom Lighting range features original and exquisite pieces for every project. Lavish crystal, elegant traditional, ultra modern or something completely unique, Custom Lighting showcases the best lighting the world has to offer.


If you’re Building, Renovation or Re-styling, let us inspire you.