How To Select Wall Lights For Your Home

Contemporary wall light

When selecting wall lights for your home, there are various aspects to consider, from the position, purpose and size of the light to the interior style it will suit.

Bathroom Mirror Lights

Do your bathroom mirror lights make you feel like a star every time you walk in? Well, perhaps they should.

How To Clean A Chandelier

To make sure it always looks its magnificent best, you’ll need to know how to clean a chandelier.

Sail In Style: Handcrafted Paper Light Shades

Akio Paper Pendant Creates The Perfect Ambience In Any Room

Handcrafted Paper Light Shades A combination of art and nature and technology has produced Voiles. The product is a perfect blend of form and function if you are looking for the delicacy and beauty of hand-made pendant paper light shades. The artist For more than 20 years French designer Céline Wright has designed unique lighting […]

Modern Kitchen Lighting: Practicality Plus Panache

Three One Light Pendants Displayed Over A Table Creating The Perfect Ambiance

Modern Kitchen Lighting Modern kitchen lighting has evolved with home design. Today, the kitchen is the heart of your home. Long gone are the days when the ‘cook’ in the family was hidden away, moving between stove, sink and servery. The modern kitchen is a food preparation area, ‘cuisine central’ and the place for family […]

The Crystal Chandelier – A Design Jewel

The Crystal Chandelier According to British management consultant, critic and bon vivant, Peter York, “Chandeliers are marvels of drop-dead showiness, the jewellery of architecture.”  This is especially true of the crystal chandelier. Chandeliers have been showpieces throughout their history. They first appeared in the 6th century as simple arrangements with multiple candles. Most candles were made […]

Another Reason Why Texas Is Famous

Statement Modern and Contemporary Lighting

Dallas International Lighting Show Texas is famous for many things – not least of which is its size. Texas is big. It is twice the size of Germany, and if it were a country (which, of course, it once was) its GDP would rank 13th in the world. Austin is the capital of the Lone […]

More than just changing the time

Ambient outdoor lighting solution from UME

More Than Just Changing The Time Moving the clocks forward by an hour, as we do in Melbourne each October, is about more than just changing the time. It’s a change in mindset, too. It’s Spring – and that means fairs and festivals, long warm evenings and more time spent outside. It’s also time to […]