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Commercial lighting Specialists Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Commercial Light Fixtures in an office

Lighting Designers and Consultants

Custom Lighting has been enhancing the ambience of commercial spaces with unique commercial lighting designs since 1973, and continues to this day to provide Australian residential, architectural and commercial markets with the latest styles and innovations.

We know lighting influences the look, feel and perception of a room. To ensure a unique and diverse product range, we source from our prestigious and executive suppliers and manufacturers from all around the world, seizing quality through these relationships.

Our illuminating range encompasses all styles and genres of lighting: modern, contemporary, eclectic, traditional and classical. Buyers can experience designs in our prominent ever-evolving showroom in Armadale – the place where it all began.

With innovation paramount to our vision, our range embraces current international and local market trends inspired by annual visits to Europe and the USA, combined with continuous new luminaire and lamp technology to give us a unique edge.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our range which enables us to be involved in various types of projects:

  • Residential
  • Corporate fit-outs
  • Aged Care
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs

Designer Lighting Services

The promise of quality is met with our experienced commercial lighting sales and design team, including interior designers and lighting engineers, who offer a combined aesthetic and functional focused service for clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our quality services are varied and inspired:

  • We provide informative advice on the basic fundamentals of lighting to home owners currently building, renovating or extending
  • We provide detailed product specification reports to specifiers in the industry – architects, interior designers, consulting electrical engineers, builders and developers
  • We present and advise on appropriate Custom Lighting products specific to our client’s needs
  • We advise on the latest lighting technology
  • We offer showroom or on-site consultations to determine the best lighting solution for our client
  • We advise, create and implement lighting design concepts in accordance with NCC/BCA Regulations
Commercial lighting Melbourne - Building corridor lighting fixtures
Commercial Lighting Sydney - Gallery Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Design Plan

Planning and design forms the basis of a positive lighting outcome. Whether you are renovating, extending or building the dream project, illuminating your spaces correctly and efficiently is vital to achieving a positive, comfortable and vibrant outcome.
The experienced Custom Lighting Team will listen to your brief and guide you through the process step by step, advising and assisting on the best possible way to illuminate your project.

With a strong emphasis on customer service and innovative knowledge, we do this by:

  • Documenting the initial design concept in the form of an AutoCAD lighting layout programme where luminaire types and positions are clearly defined in accordance with NCC / BCA regulations.
  • Discussing the appropriate luminaires for implementation in accordance with the compatibility of the system being used (lighting control or home automation system)
  • Providing further consultations to assist and advise on appropriate Custom Lighting luminaire selections
  • Issuing a detailed project quote and design

To further meet our client needs, our distribution network in terms of supply covers all of Australia. We receive regular containers from our international suppliers based on market trends and project forecasting. When requested, we are able to recommend professional and reputable installers of our products.

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