How To Select Wall Lights For Your Home

Contemporary wall light

Selecting Wall Lights

Incredibly diverse in their form, function and application, wall lights can create ambience, highlight architectural elements or artwork, provide task-specific illumination or even serve as lighting features on their own. Wall lights are certainly one of the most important light fittings to consider when creating a lighting plan for your home.

When selecting wall lights for your home, there are various aspects to consider, from the position, purpose and size of the light to the interior style it will suit.

Which Room Is Ideal For Wall Lights?

Wall lights can be placed in any space, classic or contemporary, to add a decorative element, set a mood or provide task lighting.  

In a bedroom, install a wall light on either side of a bed to provide the perfect light for reading or as a decorative piece radiating a warm glow to create a sanctuary into which you can retreat at the end of a long day.

In place of table lamps, a bedside wall light allows for a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, leaving the bedside table free to place your books, phone or glasses.

In a Hamptons-style bathroom, a clear, textured glass wall light above a vanity mirror is perfect, whereas in a contemporary powder room, an oversized mid-century modern-inspired wall light may best suit the space. If simplicity and function is your priority, a minimalist, linear LED wall light or an integrated LED vanity mirror will be the ideal choice, providing perfectly even task illumination for makeup application and grooming. 

A bold feature wall sconce in an entrance will welcome your guests as they step inside your home, complementing a foyer lantern or void chandelier. A hallway can be warmly lit by a row of strategically placed wall lights, highlighting artwork or photos, while guiding the way through the interior of your home.

Add a touch of elegance or drama to a dining room, by placing decorative, sculpted wall lights on either side of a dining table that can be dimmed to create the desired atmosphere when hosting your family and friends.

In the living room, wall lights maintain a neat and sophisticated look as the cables and plugs are out of sight. Place them near your favourite armchair where you like to read or create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the lounge area where you entertain your guests. 

In the kitchen, complement your island bench pendants with a pair of wall lights over your kitchen sink or turn them on in your dining area to set the mood for a relaxed family meal.  

Selecting The Perfect Light Fitting

Well-chosen wall lights will add lasting visual appeal to your space as well as serve all your functional needs. Consider these factors when deciding:

A wall light can serve many different purposes, from lighting a vanity to highlighting artwork and guiding your way up a staircase or through a hallway.

The desired purpose of a wall light will influence the type of light that you select. Decorative wall lights can add a design element while providing a warm ambient light, whereas an adjustable LED wall light will provide optimal illumination for a specific task, from reading to applying makeup.

Application depends on the size of a space however, wall lights are often evenly spaced between 150 – 200 cm apart, allowing each piece to cast its own individual glow or shadow. A bright light should be installed above eye level to produce optimal light output without the glare, whereas a feature wall may have an artistic installation of lights placed at various different levels to create a powerful statement.

When selecting a wall light for any room, the scale of the space needs to be taken into consideration. In a vanity area, an oversized wall light will beautifully complement a large mirror, whereas in a narrow hallway, a more compact wall sconce is ideal.

Interior style and finishes

A wall light may be selected to seamlessly blend into an interior or stand out as a feature piece. The texture and finish of a wall light will either complement or contrast its surrounding space, enhancing design elements. You’ll find an endless variety of contemporaryclassic and vintage-inspired wall lights in every colour, finish and shape to suit every style – Hamptons, mid-century modern, rustic farmhouse, French Provincial, classic elegance, transitional, minimalist, Art Deco or Hollywood glam – at Custom Lighting.

Mid-century modern-inspired designs with curved, geometric forms add an effortless, vintage touch to a contemporary or modernist space.  

For traditional style interiors, wall lights in a polished nickel or soft winter gold finish combined with crisp fabric or textured glass shades add a classic touch of elegance to a bedroom, dining room, hallway or bathroom.

For a more luxurious interior that will impress, a Schonbek or Swarovski crystal wall light will add sparkle, perfectly complementing a magnificent crystal chandelier.     

If you would like assistance in creating a lighting plan with world-class lighting designs, we encourage you to book a personal consultation with one of our highly experienced lighting consultants today. 


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