Modern Kitchen Lighting: Practicality Plus Panache

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Modern Kitchen Lighting: Practicality Plus Panache

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Modern kitchen lighting has evolved with home design. Today, the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Long gone are the days when the ‘cook’ in the family was hidden away, moving between stove, sink and servery. The modern kitchen is a food preparation area, ‘cuisine central’ and the place for family and friends to gather to eat, drink and socialise.

The days of purely practical strip lighting and strategically placed downlights are gone too.

Kitchen lighting is now a major design consideration for those who are looking for functionality combined with flair.

In many kitchens, the bench, or island, is the focal point of the room – often a large, multifunctional surface, equipped for preparation and cooking. Configured to accommodate chairs and stools, it’s the place for informal meals, crafts and homework. It’s even an extension of your office at times when work and home responsibilities overlap.

modern-kitchen-lighting-dawsonSo many choices

Choosing the right fittings is no longer simply about finding practical solutions for illuminating workbenches and stovetops. Your kitchen design matches the lifestyle you want for your family. So should your lighting – and Custom Lighting can show you many variables for modern kitchen lighting.

Throughout your home, you also choose lighting to create a mood. The kitchen is probably the most versatile room in the house ­– a place of many moods; there are effective lighting solutions to match every one.

Modern kitchen lighting is a décor choice that should complement the style you have chosen for your home. Are you looking for the rustic country retreat? Streamlined art-deco elegance? French cottage charm? Or is modern minimalist nearer the mark?

Whatever period or style you prefer, modern kitchen lighting can create the right ambience in the hub of your home and complement the design statement you are making throughout the house.

Lighting for living

With carefully selected, coordinated fittings you can transform a busy work area into a warm and welcoming place for entertaining friends, or create a well-lit space for personal projects or study. You can brighten up the table for family lunch, or set the mood for a cosy dinner for two – all at the click of a switch.

The most comfortable modern homes are designed for an easy flow from one living area to the next. Your kitchen is the bridge between outdoor areas and the other rooms in your house.

Your choice of kitchen lighting works in the same way. Like the space itself, it extends your design theme to adjoining areas and produces the seamless effect of a well thought out plan.

Custom Lighting can suggest numerous ideas for modern kitchen lighting. Why not drop by our studio to discuss your needs?