Traditional Mini Pendants

Traditional Mini Pendants are light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, usually suspended by a wire, cord, chain, or rod. Mini Pendants are often used when multiple fittings are installed in the same area (over a kitchen bench for example) or in small spaces to create drama (powder rooms, bathrooms etc..) Custom Lighting has a huge range of exclusive pendant lights, sourced from some of the most prestigious design houses from around the world. Lavish crystal, elegant traditional, cutting-edge modern or something completely unique, there is a pendant to compliment every project. Materials such as wood, metal, ceramics and glass, provide a multitude of stylish and contemporary finishes which can compliment and accentuate architectural details. Even decorative, handcrafted designs from revered artisans, incorporate the most innovative, energy saving technology, including LED.
Custom Lighting’s highly experienced design consultants assist their clients in creating a classic, trendy aesthetic that is timeless. We will advise you on the most suitable traditional mini pendant light for your home and are able to modify the suspensions on many of our pendants to suit the height of your ceiling. Custom Lighting’s extensive range of traditional pendant lights can be viewed in our Melbourne Showroom and shipping is available Australia-wide.