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The choice of lighting for your home should reflect your unique style and meet your individual needs.

That’s why you want to be sure your next lighting project is aesthetically appealing and perfectly functional.

We understand that.

Our professional team of interior designers, sales consultants and electrical engineers will guide you in selecting styles to complement your decor.

We will work with you to design a lighting plan to satisfy the demands of your living spaces.


Looking for the perfect lighting solution for your home or office?

We have light fixtures and fittings for every area – indoor and outdoor – and for every purpose.

We would love to show you our wide range of styles.

Do you prefer traditional elegance? Or the timeless appeal of Art Deco? Perhaps you prefer innovative modern designs; we have contemporary American styles, and emerging concepts fresh from Europe.

There are endless individual and creative possibilities. See them in our studio. You’ll be inspired.


You want the best for your home. Custom Lighting will offer you nothing less.

As the premier lighting specialists in Melbourne, we have partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers of traditional and cutting-edge contemporary designs.

You can see a range of their exclusive creations in our Armadale showroom. From the latest in Luminaire and LED technology to our exquisite crystal chandeliers, our collection is the finest you will see.

Visit or call us to discuss your lighting needs. Our premium service sets us apart.